Hunt For An Escapade: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting Hawaii can be the most incredible experience one can have as it is one of the most popular hunting friendly states in the USA amongst Idaho, Vermont and many more. It is the tourist spot for millions of people and is home to humongous forests and wildlife. To take a glance at the places Hawaii is popular for, one blog is not enough, because a place like Hawaii can just not be described in mere words. Be it the North shore of Oahu, which attracts surfers from all around the globe, or the Waikiki beach, famous for its freshwater rivers, Hawaii offers a ravishing experience to its visitors. Apart from all this, Hawaii hunting is one of the most incredible activities to do here. Hunting, for some, maybe against ethics, but to some, hunting is a thrilling, astounding experience. And, in Hawaii, it is also legal. Hunting is especially famous on the island of Lanai, as it is the world’s most popular destination for hunting.

In this article, we have tried to encompass most of the frequently asked questions by travelers to Hawaii, in regard to hunting.

What is the cost of hunting in Hawaii?

Juxtaposing the popular belief, what costs heavily, in Hawaii, is not the hunting but the airfare and lodging. In order to hunt, one has to first acquire the hunting license and for this purpose, you have to acquire the hunter education Letter of exemption. A non-resident hunting license will cost $95. A conservation stamp might be as well purchased for $10 and game tags for $25 per species. Although, the Lanai mouflon and the Axis deer tags cost up to $125. Along with these, the grande turkeys can be hunted with a $20 tag. The Axis deer hunting in Hawaii is amongst the many popular things to do when in Hawaii.

Where to hunt in Hawaii?

Perhaps the second most frequently asked question is the places where you can hunt comfortably in Hawaii.

  1. The Palavai Basin: It is the sixth-largest island in Hawaii. One can, with little efforts find numerous Axis deer here. The success rate of finding deer in this place is over 95%
  2. The Big Island: The Big Island is the largest island in Hawaii, with several family-friendly hunting spots available. Along with this, there are numerous lands available for hunters. This island is home to turkeys, deer, goats, sheep, bulls, and boars.

What is the history of Axis Deer in Hawaii?

In the year 1867, the Axis deer were introduced to Hawaii. They were brought as a gift to King Kamehameha. These Axis deer are originally from India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka and have white spots on their coats. They can survive extreme weather conditions and eat vibrant types of plants, including barks of trees.

What is the cost of hunting Axis Deer in Hawaii?

In some of the major places where Axis deer are found, such as Maui, the average price of hunting is $3400 for a two-day hunt.

What are the rules to hunt in private property in Hawaii?

Some people like to hunt on private property, probably to avoid the mess and chaos of people. To hunt on private property, the hunter must possess a valid Hawaiian state hunting license and permission from the landowner. Here, unlike the game bird hunting, the landowner decides the hunting fees, the number of bags, the weapons to carry, and other methods and prohibitions of hunting. Wearing of orange blaze here is not required.

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Hunting in Hawaii is an incredible experience that one should never miss. One of the many popular states of the United States of America, Hawaii is nothing but a natural and delightful escapade. Come and experience the best of Axis deer hunting in Hawaii along with a range of other species.