The USA’s 4 Best Hunting-friendly States That You Must Check

When it comes to a vacation in the USA, hunting is something that will definitely top your bucket list! A brave chasing trip amidst the lush greens of the USA can give an ideal finale to your get-away! Well, there are multiple reasons for hunting animals here, the most popular being the recreation, adventure and fun, and most importantly maintaining the ecological balance by removing the predators from the food chain and procuring the rich meat of these animals.

USA Hunting Friendly States

The history of hunting can be traced back to three million years ago when hunting was considered as a symbol of nobility! However, hunting had never been an original part of USA history. The game of hunting was introduced when the European explorers settled in the USA. Today, hunting in the States has developed immensely, coming up as a need for inhabitants to recreation action for trackers. Additionally, numerous antiquated rulers and the USA government has carefully executed different laws and guidelines to abolish illegal hunting that can lead to extinction.

With the game of hunting already at its peak in the US, it’s time to check out the most hunting-friendly states in the USA:


vermont, usa

Few states in the world can really match the experience of a Vermont hunt on the legendary scenery of the Green Mountain. According to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, more than one deer per square mile can be hunted. In 2017 and 2018, around 9,968 and 19,011 bucks respectively were legally harvested in Vermont. Since 85% of Vermont’s forestland is privately owned, it has limited state control. Also, a larger portion of the deer population can be found throughout the agricultural lands with abundant and reliable food sources. Additionally, you will also find the multitude of black bears, moose, wild turkey, snow shoes and much more in the forests of Vermont. You can hunt more than one bear for every three square miles here.


idaho, wildlife

The woodland of Idaho is the gem-state for legally hunting wolves! It is considered as the hunter’s paradise where you can challenge your hunting skills by chasing big animals. Also, Idaho has an abundant population of elk (107000) and wolves. More than 16.2% of Idaho’s population comprises of hunters. These local hunters have the ability to chase the big games including deer, moose, black bear, mountain lion, California quail, grouse, pheasant and what not! There are a number of hunting trip organizers in Idaho who can help you make the most of your hunting trip here.


hawaii wildlife

Hawaii is the land of adventure with beautiful landscapes, amazing islands, extensive grasslands and exotic species to hunt! Hunting in Hawaii is renowned due to it’s thick and extreme shrubberies, different types of creatures, and clearly the delightful meat of such creatures! You get to hunt a number of animals such as Axis deer, Hawaiian Boar, Black Hawaiian Sheep, Mouflon and Dove on the islands of Hawaii. Hunting on islands such as Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai, Waikiki, and the Big islands can offer you a great experience! Since the Aloha State has 10,000–15,000 axis deer in the woodland, you can hunt more than three deer a day here. However, it’s essential to undergo proper hunting training and obtain a hunting license before going out on a hunting expedition here. Also, a hunter should make sure that he is strictly complying with Hawaiian rules and regulations for hunting.

South Dakota:

south dakota wildlife

It’s the state where more than 29.2 percent of local residents hunt a huge number of species daily. More than 223,394 hunting licenses are purchased annually in South Dakota by local hunters and vacationers. Every year, more than 1 million birds and deer are harvested in the woodlands. These figures indicate the hunting opportunities that South Dakota in stores with an abundant population of different species to make your prey. You can enjoy various types of hunting such as big game or small game hunting, bird and recreational hunting and much more! You can undoubtedly chase animals by utilizing a bow or a rifle to experience that thrill but this requires you to have an appropriate permit for the weapon.

With this exciting list in your hand, it’s time to get ready to trigger the rifle and chase the big animals in the bush and lush of the USA for that real adrenaline rush.

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