Axis Deer Hunting In Hawaii: History And The Current Scenario

Hawaii – the paradise known for its beautiful landscapes, amazing islands, extensive grasslands and a wide variety of species to hunt. Hunting in Hawaii is popular among the tourists due to several factors such as thick and extreme backwoods, different types of creatures and obviously their delightful meat. You get to hunt a number of animals like the Axis deer, Hawaiian Boar, Black Hawaiian Sheep, Mouflon and Dove on the islands of Hawaii. However, axis deer hunting is among the most popular activities.

Now, why axis deer hunting is so popular in Hawaii? How these deer were introduced in Hawaii? What’s the history behind their hunting? Answers to these questions are important. So this article covers everything that you need to know about Hawaii’s hunting scenario.

•The history of Axis Deer in Hawaii: The history of Axis Deer can be traced back to 1867 when King Kamehameha V received ‘eight animals’ as a gift from Hong Kong. That day, for the first time, Hawaiians saw ‘Axis deer’ on the islands of Molokai. Then after a few years, they were introduced in other Hawaiian islands—Lanai and Maui to increase the hunting opportunities.

But in the 1950s, the population of axis deer started to increase by 20-30 percent every year as there were no natural predators on the Hawaiian Islands. This dramatic increase in their population affected the natural areas and agricultural lands of the locals. According to scientists, axis deer were causing serious damage to landscapes and therefore, the government decided to abandon the further release of deer in Hawaii.

As per the survey, axis deer caused damage of $1 million during the past few years for farmers, ranchers, and resorts in Maui Island. Due to their abundant population, the deer used to eat Hawaii’s native ebony tree, the lama, native olive tree and mint grown on the island of Lanai. This resulted in the extinction of these vegetations and transformed a rich native forest into a desert-like landscape. So to tackle this problem, the government allowed axis deer hunting Hawaii in several public and private islands. In this way, the hunting came into being in Hawaii.

The Current Scenario Of Hunting in Hawaii: Hawaii attracts more than 8.3 million tourists from all over the globe, who spend approximately over $16 billion every year. Due to dense woodland and abundant species of animals in Hawaii, it is considered as an ideal hunting destination today. Especially Axis Deer Hunting Hawaii, which is popular due to its high protein meat and demand in the international market.

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Statistically, every year, more than 50 Axis deer are been hunted for a number of purposes such as recreation, ecological balance, deer meat, and so on. As a result, Hawaii is the state that currently tops the hunting friendly list, providing the best hunting opportunities and experiences to the avid hunters. However, for the best hunting experience, one must follow the Hawaii Hunting Tips.

Rules For Hunting In A Private Property In Hawaii: Hunting in Hawaii can definitely offer you once-in-a-lifetime experience, but not without rules and regulations. Yes, there are laws that one must abide by to make the most of this activity.

Here are the common rules to hunt on both public and private properties:

1.If you are a non-resident, you have to pay a certain amount as the permit fee.

2.It’s mandatory to complete a hunter education course and avail a Hawaiian Hunting license from The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources to be able to hunt in Hawaii.

3.Apart from the license, you should also carry a safety card and a letter of exception.

However, for hunting on a private island specifically, there are additional Hawaii Hunting Rules and Regulations, which must be followed sincerely:

1.Before hunting, it’s mandatory to have written permission from the owner of the island while abiding the state hunting laws. Note: If you’re caught trespassing on the private island with a loaded firearm, you will be heavily penalized or can even face imprisonment for 10 years.

2.Hunters cannot disturb, remove, take or steal things such as fossils, monuments, burial sites, and antiquities from the private island. The hunters only have access to the land for hunting or recreational purposes; everything else on the property belongs to the owner and must be left as it is.

3.Game mammals can be hunted only with a valid hunting license and the landowner’s permission on private land (subject to few exceptions).

4.If the hunter brings his/her own gun, it’s compulsory to register it with the local police department before the hunt.

All in all, Hawaii is not just a beach paradise but also a destination to hunt some exotic species of animals, mammals, and birds. Hunting in Hawaii is a unique experience in itself that provides a perfect finale to your Hawaiian tour.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to up your hunting game and get ready to chase big.