Hunting in Hawaii: Here’s A Complete Guide For Your Next Hunting Expedition!

Hawaii is the land of adventure with intense greenery and sparkling waters all around. Right from exploring the beautiful islands of Hawaii to enjoying unstoppable hunting experience in the tropical woodlands, the adventure in Hawaii never stops! Hunting in Hawaii comes packed amidst thick and intense bushes, various species of animals and the delicious meat of the same. Whether you are a first-time vacationer in Hawaii or a regular hunting enthusiast, hunting with the right partner makes all the difference. And, this is where hunters like us can give a perfect finish to your trip. We at Go Hunting Outfitters know how to make the most of your hunting trips.

Guide to hunting in hawaii

So, here we are answering all the questions related to your next hunting trip in Hawaii. Take a look:

•What is the cost of Hunting in Hawaii? The cost of hunting in Hawaii largely depends on the package, grassland, and animal that you choose. If your package just includes the transportation and hunting license costs in a basic woodland, then the overall cost might be low. The package cost will only increase on including the add-ons like Hunting guide service, swimming pool and snorkeling, meals and beverages, kayaking and gun rentals. Overall, the average cost of hunting in Hawaii will cost somewhere around $800 or $900.

What are the different animals that you can hunt in Hawaii? There are few species you can hunt during a specific season or throughout the year, provided you have a valid Hawaii hunting license. Animals that you can readily hunt in Hawaii woodlands are Axis Deer, Hawaiian Boar, Black Hawaiian Sheep Mouflon, Dove, and Frank Colin. These species are found on flat or hilly land with plenty of bushy cover or places with open grazing ground. Axis Deer Hunting Hawaii is a famous sporting activity that tests your strategic and archery skills. Furthermore, the meat of axis deer, boar and dove is highly nutritious and have a huge demand in the local and global market. So you get to hunt and relish the tasty meats of these species at the same time.

•How to hunt in Hawaii? Go Hunting Outfitters take you to the islands of Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Waikiki and Big island for hunting various species of animals. You can choose different hunting styles starting from stalking, bow hunting to rifle hunting, depending on your preference. Bow hunting and rifle hunting both are economical and very exciting but you need to possess archery skills and caliber for them. You can also get your own guns to hunt in Hawaii; provided you have the gun license or you can get the rifle on rent at an affordable price. Don’t worry! Even if you don’t know how to use a bow or rifle, our expert team is always there to make your hunting experience great!

How to get Hawaii hunting license and proper training for hunting? When you have a hunting partner like Go Hunting Outfitters, legal requirements like hunting license are no more a headache! We are Hawaii-approved agents, helping you with Hunter Education Certificate in order to legally buy a license or permit to hunt for you. However, before getting qualified for the hunting license, you have to complete the hunting training programme, under which, you learn about different hunting styles, hunting tools, and Hawai hunting rules and regulations. Here, it’s important to note that the fees for license of the resident and non-resident are $10 and $95 respectively.

•What makes us the best choice for your hunting expedition? We at Go Hunting Outfitters offer some amazing and challenging hunting opportunities to give you that spot on hunting experience on the adventurous woodlands of Hawaii. We take you to a variety of scenic hunting areas in the privately owned ranches across the beautiful islands. Our packages are affordable and can be customized as per your vacation plan. We also offer Hawaii island tours and delicious meals like BBQ, fish, axis venison and luau, all of which are included in our packages. You can check out our website to see how hunters and vacationers from all around the globe have had once in a lifetime experience with us!

From mesmerizing Hawaii Island tours to unforgettable hunting experiences, Go Hunting Outfitters make sure that you experience the best of Hawaii right in your budget. Time to book your hunt with us! We are just a phone call away!